Wholesale Living Soil Pots, Beds, & Dolly System

Welcome to Kultiva, where we specialize in manufacturing high-quality living soil pots, beds, and a modular dolly system designed to enhance your gardening experience. Our products are crafted to cater to the needs of all gardeners, ensuring healthy plant growth and ease of management.

Wholesale Living Soil Pots: Kultiva's living soil pots are a breakthrough in gardening technology. Unlike traditional plastic and ceramic pots, our fabric pots are made from geotextile, promoting air flow and preventing root binding. This design keeps the soil cool and encourages a more productive plant growth. Our living soil fabric pots feature a unique H2O Armor liner and bottom aeration strip, which mimic the natural top-down drying pattern of soil, ensuring optimum moisture retention and eliminating dry pockets. This innovation not only supports the cultivation of essential microbes but also reduces water and energy use by lengthening the wet-to-dry soil cycle. Our pots come in various sizes, catering to different plant requirements.

Wholesale Living Soil Beds: Our living soil beds are crafted to provide an optimal environment for soil and plant health. Our living soil beds include a waterproof "H2O Armor" liner and a 4-inch drainage and aeration strip made of high-quality fabric, ensuring healthy soil and root conditions. The beds are available in multiple sizes and can be equipped with with the optional PVC frame kit. The PVC pipe reinforcement in our fabric beds ensures durability, matching that of traditional wooden raised beds. The unique design of our living soil beds promotes even moisture and drainage, improved aeration, and is easy to manage, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

Wholesale Modular Dolly System: Understanding the need for mobility in gardening, Kultiva offers a modular dolly system for our living soil pots & beds. This innovative system allows for easy movement of the beds, making garden management and rearrangement a breeze. The dolly system is designed to be sturdy and reliable, ensuring safe and effortless transportation of your living soil pots & beds.

At Kultiva, we are committed to sustainability and the well-being of your plants. Our breathable fabric and reliable construction techniques ensure the longevity of our products, making them a valuable addition to your gardening toolkit.

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