About Us

Kultiva started as a collection of highly diverse people scattered across the globe unified by the desire to “create.”  Our professional backgrounds were similar in the fact that we were all manufacturers at heart, but we all carried a passion for growing.  Some of us were more expert growers, some were frustrated gardeners, and some were content to buy plants, fruits, and vegetables at the market.  But the respect and admiration for someone that could nurture a seed to harvest was real, intentional, and significant.

We committed to looking at things from a different perspective: one that focused on crafting unique, innovative solutions to enable growers of all shapes and sizes to prosper and literally enjoy the fruits of their labor.  The team saw that tools and products were missing key features and to incorporate those features, growers were forced to “cobble” something together that was “close to” a solution, but often not quite.  We resolved to correct that by generating tools and products that solved current, and future, challenges.

Kultiva’s mission is to enable our partners, and to “Grow, Thrive, and Live.”

  • Grow: we craft valuable solutions to growing challenges;

  • Thrive: our products improve the gowing experience;

  • Live: we enable partners to enjoy the fruits of their labor;

We’re excited to share the path with you on our journey.  Please feel free to share your stories and experiences with us: we’d love to hear how you are growing!