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  • kultiva liivng soil bed modular dolly system snap lock design
  • kultiva living soil bed dolly stackable storage
  • kultiva modular dollies durable construction
  • kultiva dolly system with carry handle and water runoff
  • kultiva living soil bed dolly with smooth surface for easy cleaning
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Kultiva Modular Dolly System For Living Soil Beds

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  • 2’ x 2’ Square Shape 
  • Each Dolly Holds up To 330lb.
  • Snap lock design allowing you to connect the dollies to the required size 
  • Portable and super strong construction 
  • Integrated carry handle and breathable design allowing water drainage 
  • Black color and smooth surface for stain resistance and ease of cleaning

For larger orders please email for a freight quote

Unlock the full potential of your garden with Kultiva Living Soil Bed Dollies. Designed for versatility and ease of use, our modular dolly system offers a revolutionary way to make your living soil beds and pots go mobile. Each 2' x 2' dolly can hold up to 330lb, and is made of a reinforced polymer that is easy to clean and will hold up to the rigors of high demand gardens. Plus, with our easy-to-connect modular system, you can effortlessly scale your garden to match your ambitions. Don't miss out on the future of gardening – order your Kultiva Living Soil Bed Dollies today to grow with confidence, and move with ease.

We do not recommend using our modular dollies in a larger configuration than a 4' x 8' bed.