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  • kultiva liivng soil bed modular dolly system snap lock design
  • kultiva living soil bed dolly stackable storage
  • kultiva modular dollies durable construction
  • kultiva dolly system with carry handle and water runoff
  • kultiva living soil bed dolly with smooth surface for easy cleaning
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Kultiva Modular Dolly System For Living Soil Beds

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  • 2’ x 2’ Square Shape 
  • Each Dolly Holds up To 330lb.
  • Snap lock design allowing you to connect the dollies to the required size 
  • Portable and super strong construction 
  • Integrated carry handle and breathable design allowing water drainage 
  • Black color and smooth surface for stain resistance and ease of cleaning

Unlock the full potential of your garden with Kultiva Living Soil Bed Dollies. Designed for versatility and ease of use, our modular dolly system offers a revolutionary way to make your living soil beds and pots go mobile. Each 2' x 2' dolly can hold up to 330lb, and is made of a reinforced polymer that is easy to clean and will hold up to the rigors of high demand gardens. Plus, with our easy-to-connect modular system, you can effortlessly scale your garden to match your ambitions. Don't miss out on the future of gardening – order your Kultiva Living Soil Bed Dollies today to grow with confidence, and move with ease.

We do not recommend using our modular dollies in a larger configuration than a 4' x 8' bed.